Micro Blood Collection Tube Assembly Line

  • Applicable Tube Size Φ13*75/100mm; Φ16*100mm
  • Working Speed 15000-18000pcs/hour
  • Space Occupation 6300*1200 (+1200) *2000 mm (L*W*H)

    Product Description

    Micro blood collection tube serves as easy to collect blood from fingertip, earlobe or heel in neonates and pediatric patients. IVEN micro blood collection tube machine linkage operations by allowing the automatic processing of the tube loading, dosing, capping and packing. It improves workflow with a one single micro blood collection tube production machine and requires less personnel to operate

    Production Process

    The Micro blood collection tube assembly production line consists of several key components, including a tube forming machine, rubber stopper insertion machine, vacuum generator, cap pressing machine, quality inspection machine, and packaging machine.

    Product Features

    • High automation, reasonable operation process and optimization of integration, 2-3 skilled operators can manage the whole production line smoothly from tube loading to finished product outputting.
    • Multi-aspect detection, such as the reversed tubes, missing tubes, dosing, drying tem­perature, cap in position, foam tray loading, etc.
    • High vacuuming qualified rate. With unique design of spring-type tube racks, the vacuum degree can be set on touch screen easily and accurately, the correspond­ing vacuum degree can be automatically set according to the altitude of user's region.
    • High quality structure: main body adopts high quality steel for weight bearing, surface and frame adopt the high quality stainless steel for easier cleaning, which meets GMP standard.


    The Micro blood collection tube assembly production line is widely used in hospitals, blood banks, diagnostic laboratories, and other medical facilities. It is an essential piece of equipment for the production of high-quality blood collection tubes.

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