Our Service

Shanghai H-Dynamic Automatic Control System Co., Ltd. is a corporation that specializes in manufacturing equipment for vacuum blood collection tubes. The company is deeply committed to the design and production of automated equipment for such tubes, among others.

The H-Dynamic team emphasizes the absorption and sedimentation of technology. By integrating advanced technology, they have designed various automated machines such as tube assembly machines, automatic medicine dispensers, and new cap-plug online composite capping machines. These machines can operate independently or in conjunction.

Our Philosophy

Good machines prioritize people. Focusing on the needs of our customers and guided by research and innovation, we strive to create exceptional vacuum blood collection tube equipment that realizes the value of our brand.

Our Team

We are armed with a potent production and marketing force. Our research and development, media publicity, market, sales, production, engineering, after-sales service, and other departments each oversee different aspects of our products and every project. This ensures the smooth operation and success of all our initiatives.

Supreme quality, thorough service, reasonable prices & utmost credibility

The company is conveniently located in the Yexe Industrial Park in Songjiang, Shanghai, near the Yexe exit of highway G15. Upholding the principle of "supreme quality, thorough service, reasonable prices, and utmost credibility," we warmly welcome the collaboration of new and old friends to contribute to the development of the medical automation industry.