Tube Loading Machine

  • Applicable Tube Size Φ13*75/100mm; Φ16*100mm
  • Working Speed 15000-18000pcs/hour
  • Space Occupation 6300*1200 (+1200) *2000 mm (L*W*H)

    Product Features

    • New developed design in tube-loading device that tubes are loaded simultaneously through 2 tube racks, which means 20 tubes are loaded at one time. With function of rotary dropping tube, achieves stable production, high efficiency and easy troubleshooting.
    • Unique tube collecting and unloading device to prevent the crash between tubes, also no damage to the label.
    • Multi-aspect detection for materials, loading tubes, stuck tubes and reversed tubes Ensures the tube loading with high efficiency, stability and security.
    • It can be used together with auxiliary tube collection box so as to save the labour.

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