From April 11th to 14th, 2024, the much-anticipated CMEF 2024 Shanghai will be grandly opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the largest and most influential medical device exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, CMEF has long been an important wind vane and event in the field of healthcare, attracting the attention and participation of many industry elites and a wide range of visitors.

As an upstream leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Gaosu has long been committed to providing advanced equipment engineering solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry. In this CMEF Shanghai, Gaosu will exhibit its latest generation of blood tube harvesting equipment, and we sincerely invite people from all walks of life to visit us and participate in this grand event.

Gaosu's new generation of blood tube collection equipment fully demonstrates the company's outstanding achievements in technological innovation and quality control. The device is highly efficient and accurate, while incorporating intelligent design and user-friendly operation experience, providing a more convenient and safer blood collection solution for the medical industry. We firmly believe that the debut of this device will trigger widespread attention and favorable comments from the industry.

CMEF Shanghai is not only a grand gathering for the medical device industry, but also an important platform for enterprises to show their strength and exchange and cooperation. Gaosu is looking forward to discussing the industry development trend with industry colleagues, sharing the technical innovation achievements, and jointly promoting the continuous development and progress of the medical device industry.

As CMEF Shanghai is approaching, Gaosu once again invites all industry colleagues and visitors to visit our booth 8.1T13 to enjoy the unique charm of the new generation of blood collection devices and discuss the future development of the medical device industry. Let's work hand in hand to witness the prosperous development and bright future of the medical industry.

Please look forward to the grand opening of CMEF 2024 Shanghai, Gaosu is looking forward to creating a brilliant future with you! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your support and attention!

 Gaosu at the cmef 2024 exhibition