Universal Type Vacuuming Machine

  • Applicable Tube Size Φ13*75/100mm; Φ16*100mm
  • Working Speed 15000-18000pcs/hour
  • Space Occupation 6300*1200 (+1200) *2000 mm (L*W*H)

    Product Features

    • It can be used for vacuuming independently or connected with dosing machine. Applicable to variable products, such as normal tubes vacuuming or micro tube capping
    • Adopting high efficiency vacuum pump, with high precision vacuum proportional control device. The vacuuming controlling system achieves vacuuming by curve control, to get the vacuum degree same as the required vacuuming level
    • The vacuum degree can be set on touch screen easily and accurately, the corresponding vacuum degree can be automatically set according to the altitude of user's region. It can also be slightly amended according to the requirement
    • Applied to tubes of dia. 8mm, 13mm and 16mm by changing the tube racks
    • Pressure of capping can be set according to different products
    • Without tube racks return conveying system.

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